25% of children attending Sunnyside during the 2015-2016 academic year received financial assistance.

How is this possible?

Sunnyside provides a homey atmosphere in which the needs of children are met in an environment that fosters both social and emotional development. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all who wish to attend. The Fundraising Committee meets one evening per month during the school year to discuss, create and implement events whose proceeds benefit financial aid.


Our ongoing fundraising programs include monthly coffee sales and special events. Here are some of the events planned for the year:
  • October: Fall Photos -- a Benefit for Sunnyside
  • November: Giving Tuesday
  • February: Mister G Benefit Concert
  • April: Annual Fundraising Auction
  • May: Valley Gives Day
Thank you for supporting the Sunnyside Fundraising Committee, dedicated to ensuring children from all socio-economic sectors of our community enroll at the center and benefit from its diversity and programs.

Support us with an online tax-deductible donation.

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