Friday, July 17, 2020

Sad to Say Goodbye, but So Proud of What We've Done

With heavy hearts, we sadly announce that Sunnyside Early Education and Care, Inc. has not been able to weather the storm of Covid-19 and is closing its doors. We have missed our families and children desperately over the past four months and wish we had arrived at a different outcome. We want to express our deepest gratitude for all of the families and community members who have brought their magic through our program over the past 45 years. Your dedication, parent hours, and spirit have bolstered our program and tight-knit community immeasurably. We also wish to recognize the incomparable teachers and administrators who have made Sunnyside the center we are so proud of. Early childhood educators are an amazing group of people, and at Sunnyside we have been fortunate to staff our classrooms with the warmest, most thoughtful and creative professionals in the field. Thank you for your partnership and trust, and for sharing your children with us. We have treasured our place in your lives and hope that your Sunnyside memories are as special as ours. The friendships that began in our classrooms, the support that has been shared amongst our staff and families, and the love and learning that has left a tangible imprint is a testament to the incredible community we have built together. With gratitude, Shawna Tobin, Director and members of the Board

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